If I was a man, I’d be nervous about gender equality too

  They say it’s the little things in life that count, which is why I gave myself a pat on the back recently when I convinced my child’s school to change the way Mother’s Day was celebrated. Until now, mothers were invited to attend a mid-morning event, which was a logistical and stressful juggle for those with jobs outside the home. For some of us, the pressure of work meant we couldn’t … [Read more...]

Flexible working? Pft…yeah right.

So men are likely to be frowned upon for working flexible hours. Is anybody surprised? Because I’m not. Some hand wringing has accompanied a report into workplace flexibility by Bain and Company and Chief Executive Women this week. When it comes to seeking work-life balance, apparently it’s now men who more likely to be frowned upon by their boss, according to the report’s findings. They … [Read more...]

The day I saw my own racism

On the weekend I noticed I was becoming light-headed and my vision a little blurry. Worried I took myself to the doctor and discovered my blood pressure was unusually high. “Are you worried about anything?” he asked me as he listened to my heart. I flicked through my mental catalogue of nervous obsessions, unsure where to start. Like many people I’m struggling in the face of daily headlines … [Read more...]

Survey results: where are all the blokes?

A few weeks ago I shared a link on this blog to a survey that myself and business consultant Jen Dalitz have created.  The purpose of the survey is to give us a sense of how family lives across Australia are adjusting as more women step into senior business roles. In particular we want to understand if women get the same level of support when they work compared to a man in a similar position? … [Read more...]

The day I became the ‘older lady’

Earlier this year a headhunter called me about an exciting job. It was a media spokesperson role and involved occasional television appearances. Initially I was excited about the prospect. Before the kids came along I dabbled in television and video production. It was always a bit of fun. So I went for it. As always is the case with jobs like these, the interview process was pretty full on. … [Read more...]

Give those boobies a good old feel

Hands up who regularly checks their breasts? I’m guessing right now you could be squirming in your seat. I am hopeless at checking my boobies…hopeless.  In fact, I can’t tell you the last time I checked them, which is pretty irresponsible considering I have a family history. My own mother was diagnosed with breast cancer about 20 years ago. We were lucky. It was picked up through a … [Read more...]

Complete our survey: do professional men and women get equal support when balancing their work and homes lives?

The winds of change are gently breezing across the traditionally male-dominated corporate Australia. Nearly every day I see more industry initiatives launched, more companies setting targets and quotas, all aimed at addressing the gender imbalance in business life. So I should be delighted, right? Yes, I should. But deep down in my gut I still have a niggling doubt. A fear in the pit of … [Read more...]

Fear of using the f-word during a job interview

A headhunter recently tapped me on the shoulder for a full-time gig. It was an interesting role and, with the kids getting older, I decided to give it a crack. The recruitment process was robust and after a number of interviews it looked like the job could be mine. With excitement building I pictured myself in the role. But that familiar dread crept in as I contemplated the challenges we'd need … [Read more...]

Why it’s ok to play the ‘gender card’

A few years ago I was providing corporate communications support to a company that was about to gain a new director who would be their only female board member. During a meeting I suggested we contact professional women’s publications because they might be interested in running an article on the company’s only female director. A senior leader of the company, who also happened to be the only … [Read more...]

My Dad

  A body so strong and yet a heart so tender. My Dad has taught me to rise to the challenge and always speak up, especially when I see things that are wrong. That the path the sheep follow may not always be the right one to take. A man who has taught me the importance of standing in other’s shoes, that there is so much more to a person than the way they are often described by … [Read more...]