My Dad



A body so strong and yet a heart so tender.

My Dad has taught me to rise to the challenge and always speak up, especially when I see things that are wrong. That the path the sheep follow may not always be the right one to take.

A man who has taught me the importance of standing in other’s shoes, that there is so much more to a person than the way they are often described by others, and that there is much we can learn from those who are different.

A man who has taught me never to envy, to never compare my situation in life. That money is not a source of happiness and being wealthy does not always make you a better person.

A man who encourages my children to feed their minds with the beauty of nature and animals; that sometimes the greatest lessons we learn come from the silent creatures around us.

A man who has taught me the importance of loud raucous laughter – to never allow your inner joy be constrained by airs and graces.

But my Dad has never sat me down at a desk and proceeded to teach me these life lessons. Instead, he has taught me through the way he lives his own life every day. His actions show me a man capable of the most heartfelt empathy and passion for fairness.

There may have been times you may have thought I wasn’t listening Dad, but I have always watched and learned. What an amazing role model you are for me, for my children and for our entire family.

Happy Birthday Dad.


  1. Terry Lintern says

    Thank you Lisa, I am very proud, and privileged to have daughters like you and Jayne. Thank you both for giving us our precious grandchildren.
    Love Dad

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