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Post 24 and I’m on the home straight of this 30-day blogging challenge. I have to admit as I dragged my knackered body out of bed this morning and contemplated the resumption of all the kid’s activities this weekend, I thought to myself: “No one will notice if I skip today”.

And I was right. No one probably will notice, apart from me. It would irritate the hell out of me if I skipped today, because that’s the type of irritating person I am: a perfectionist who makes it a hobby to berate herself for not being perfect.

But as much as I like to ride myself hard, I also know when to ease up on the reins. So behold, today will be *cue echo microphone* RECAP POST DAY!

So on Monday I started with this post about tampons, and a recent ‘purchasing’ incident that made me question: are tampons still embarrassing or are we all over that now?

Then on Tuesday I reflected on the school holidays and how hard it can be to manage the juggle, especially if you are trying to squeeze in work alongside the kids.

On Wednesday I got all panicky about the sailing course my teeny tiny seven-year-old son is about to start, which will see him float in a teeny tiny boat out into the middle of the REALLY BIG harbour.

When Thursday arrived I was starting to spin out of control until Kelly Exeter shoved her finger through my laptop screen and gave me a good hard poke between the eyes.

And then Friday I wrote about why I’ve resolved to teach my kids that first isn’t always best. This was my personal favourite of the week.

Two nights ago on Twitter, I picked-up on a debate between some tweeps who I respect about whether being a nice person makes you weak person. As a self-confessed ‘nice person’ my ears pricked up.

I’ve thought about this topic often. After a little navel gazing on the loo I decided that being nice is actually a good thing, and is not a sign of weakness. So I tweeted this:


The value we place on being ‘nice’ comes down to the way we define it. I still have so many other thoughts swirling around my ‘nice’ head about this so later this week I’m sure there will be a ‘nice’ blog post. In fact, a few other tweeps might to. So stay tuned for #projectnice next week.

But for now, I’m off. Happy weekend everyone! (Did that sound too nice?)


  1. says

    Some of the strongest people I know are the nicest people I know – and some of the most horrible people I’ve met always come across, to me, as being extremely weak.

    I’m definitely in the nice camp – my default setting is nice – to animals, children, and adults in equal measure – but if you’re horrible to me, I will come down on you like a ton of bricks…

    Don’t make me angry – you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry – HULK SMASH!!

    But most of the time I’m a sweet little pretty unicorn who farts rainbows! 🙂

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