Survey results: where are all the blokes?


A few weeks ago I shared a link on this blog to a survey that myself and business consultant Jen Dalitz have created.  The purpose of the survey is to give us a sense of how family lives across Australia are adjusting as more women step into senior business roles.

In particular we want to understand if women get the same level of support when they work compared to a man in a similar position? And whether men in senior positions are offered the same kind of flexibility to allow them to take on their equal share of parental and home duties?

Interestingly, some men have approached both Jen and I with suspicion. Rest assured this is not a man-bashing exercise! Our motivation is simple, we’re curious to understand the mechanics of how families and careers function, given the changing roles and dynamics and pace of work and life today.

If you completed this survey for us, a big thankyou! But if you’re keen to see the results, I’m afraid we can’t share them just yet. That’s because we still don’t have enough male voices to make the findings a statistically viable and balanced view. Out of the total number of people who responded to the survey, only 25 per cent were men.

So, I want to know…where are all the blokes? And most importantly, do they feel they can share their view as much as women can when it comes to creating a balanced and fair workforce? For gender equality to become a reality it must be a two-way street. So come on fellas, we need you to speak up!

We have kept the survey live a bit longer in an effort to capture more feedback from men. So, if you are working in an office with male colleagues, or you have a male friend or partner or brother or dad or uncle who may be willing to take five minutes to share their experiences about work and parenting – please forward the survey link

At the end of day gender equality is just another way of saying  ‘fairness’.  And surely that’s something we all want to be involved in?

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