Who is Lisa Lintern

LisalIntersOnce upon a time there was a little girl called Lisa Lintern who loved to write. She clanked away on her parent’s second-hand typewriter, whipped out the paper and proudly stapled her ‘novels’ together. A dreamer and a drama queen, she was also prone to prancing on stage, deafening her family and friends with passionate renditions of ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’.

As she grew up, the little girl woke from her dreams of international stardom, opting to do the sensible thing, completing a degree in journalism. Soon after she was lured to the even more sensible corporate world where she spent more than 15 years as a communications professional for large companies in both Australia and Europe.

During this time, boy did she learn a lot. Not only did she witness great ways and not-so great ways to communicate, she also learned how to navigate and survive corporate life. Her writing skills and expressive nature (read: ever so slightly melodramatic tendencies) caught the eye of CEOs who asked her to write for them. She always dreamed of writing for herself, but the long hours sapped her motivation for the personal stuff.

One day at work, a Busy-And-Important-Irishman tapped her on the shoulder and she knew in an instant her life was about to change. Armed with his bucket list, he encouraged her to step outside her comfort zone (which typically meant bungy jumping or flying in microlights). Armed with her to-do list, she grounded him, introducing him to the concept of an early night and a tidy house (she still might be working on the latter).

They were an unexpected perfect match.

With him, she took her biggest leap of faith ever, packing in her safe corporate job, moving to Ireland to eventually marry. In Dublin she took even bigger jobs, while her Busy-And-Important-Husband soared to lofty heights. They were a force to be reckoned with. But there was still something missing. A hole that needed filling.

And then a little baby arrived. A feisty lively baby who quickly grew into a little boy with lots of questions. Lots and lots of questions. Life was flipped upside down for Lisa and her Busy-And-Important-Husband – more than they ever expected.

Lisa’s priorities changed. She wanted her life to revolve entirely around her little boy, but there was a conflicting desire (and a financial need) to work again. But when she returned to her full-time role she found it hard. She felt different (not just tired). She was treated differently. But when she wanted to express her feelings, ears closed. Those who did speak to her about it, did so in hushed tones. And she missed her boy. Gawd, how she missed her little boy.

Then her next source of wonder arrived, in the form of a Little Fairy with a pure heart. A massive pure heart. A heart so kind that now, more than three years later, Lisa still wants to keep her Little Fairy wrapped up and protected from the world.

Faced with the prospect of returning to work again, Lisa started to struggle. Struggle with the thought of being away from her children for longer days than any of them were used to. Struggle with the distance between Dublin and her family back in Australia who she had always been so close to. Life was starting to look tough.

And then something magical happened. Busy-And-Important-Husband walked in to the house one evening and announced: “Work wants to send me to Sydney.” Lisa ran up the stairs to pack her bags, totally undaunted about the prospect of an international move with an eight week old baby and a 19-month old toddler.

Back home in Australia, armed with a supportive husband, inspirational children, a family that could now be reached on a one-hour flight instead of a 24-hour flight (not to mention a lot more sunshine) she found the courage to gently nudge open a few different doors. Doors she had stared at before, wondering “what if?”

First she set up her own communications business, determined to balance her professional life with her maternal life. Working for herself, in her own hours, on her own terms, with some wonderful and varied clients.

Then she discovered Twitter, which led her to inspirational bloggers and talented writers. And finally, she started to write. About anything. Her children, her experiences, her life. Just for the love of it. The sheer enjoyment of expressing herself (but if you’d like to pay her, I’m sure she wouldn’t mind one bit.)

So, what’s the next chapter in Lisa Lintern’s life? Who knows? But it’s likely to be played out here – on Melodramatic Me.